Average cost of NJ
nonpublic school
attendance, per


Average cost of
nonpublic school
attendance, per
family of children


Percentage of
median household
income going
toward nonpublic
education in NJ


Funding given by
states such as
FL and PA , per
scholarship child


Average spending
on NJ public school

The cost of education is a crippling weight

The schools we choose determine our children’s careers and priorities. More than just grades, it affects so much of their future.

Parents want to choose a school that caters to their children’s strengths, weaknesses, and values. But the mounting costs of tuition make it nearly impossible. Nonpublic schools are becoming unaffordable. It’s a tough place for parents to be — trying to do what’s best for your child, all while buckling under the burden of nonpublic tuition.

A collective vision

Florida and Pennsylvania have laws providing funding for nonpublic school families. The relief amounts to thousands each year. New Jersey does not yet have such a system — but it can, if we do something about it.

We impact change by unifying with one voice to support our cause.

United Education of New Jersey exists for one reason: to unite New Jersey on behalf of a stronger educational system. If all communities
join forces, we can improve the affordability and quality of education.

Advocate for the future

Get involved in UENJ for a stronger, more educated New Jersey.

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